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 Item enchantment guide

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PostSubject: Item enchantment guide   Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:24 am

1.Enchant meterials
You can purchase enchantment meterials on refinery.
Meterials for item enchantment
Mithril: Able to purchase by gold on shops.(Able to upgrade +1~+4 level )
Adamantium: Able to puchase by cash on shops.(Able to upgrade +1~+11 level)
Orharcon: Able to purchase by cash on shops. Success probability is quite high.(Able to upgrade +1~+11 level)

Assistance meterial for item enchantment
Grind-Stone: Prevent for item down grade with regular probability during enchantment.
Soul-Stone: Prevent item destroy with regular probability during enchantment.
Lucky-Charm: Support to increasing success probability during enchantment.

2. How to enchantment weapons

1) Insert weapon and jewels for enchantment on upgrade slot.
2) Select assistance meterial and put on upgrade slot to make high success probability.
3) Item enchantment randomly gives result as success,fail,leveldown grade,destroy.
4) Success probability getting low when Weapon level increased.

Stat incease for item enchantment have diffrent increase for high levels compare to lower levels.
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Item enchantment guide
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