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 General Information

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PostSubject: General Information   Sat Jul 12, 2008 12:16 pm

Click a spot on the screen with the left mouse button to move to that spot.

There are areas with movement limitations such as oceans and mountains.

Driving a Cart or a Castle Gear requires using the keyboard instead of the mouse. (Not implemented yet)

When clicking a spot, a blue diamond will appear to confirm your movement destination.

Your character will automatically choose the shortest path to arrive at that spot.

However, if there is an obstacle in the way, the character will stop moving.

You can rotate the camera angle by moving the mouse while holding down the right mouse button.

The mouse wheel lets you zoom in and out with the in-game camera.

ROSE Online consists of many maps.

Moving between two zones can be done by using warp portals found on the outskirts of maps.

Double clicking the left button of a mouse allows you to attack monsters, as well as other characters in

PvP zones. The first mouse click will select the target, and the second one will initiate attacks.

Each class is distinguished by their own set of skills.

In order to learn a skill, you can complete a quest or buy a skill book.

Skills you have learned can be checked through the Skill Window (Alt+S).

Double clicking the left mouse button on a skill book will allow you to learn the skill.

After learning a skill, double click the skill icon in the Skill Window, or you may assign

a hotkey to that skill (i.e : F3).

Every skill has a delay time, and it is not possible to repeatedly use a skill without pause.

Click an NPC using the left mouse button. You will then be able to sell or purchase items from the NPC.

Double-click an item in the Shop Window, or drag and drop the item into the Trade Window.

After clicking the [Ok] button, the trade will be complete.

Sometimes, you will be given a prompt to enter the number of items you wish to purchase.

If a price change occurs while you're in the middle of a trade with an NPC, you will be asked if you wish to

continue or cancel the trade.

When continuing with the trade, your purchase will not be affected by the new price change.

Only the Dealer class can create items.

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General Information
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